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The snare drum curriculum focuses on all the techniques to develop reading, hand control, and the understanding of rudiments.

We also specialize with marching band and drum corps techniques.


  • Care and tuning of the instrument
  • Proper grips
  • Use of full down and up strokes (Stone technique)
  • Double strokes and the development of the open stroke rolls
  • Basic rudiments with proper stick positions; single, double, triple paradiddles, flams, flam taps
  • Reading basic rhythms on the snare drum, quarters, 8ths, 16ths, and 8ths note triplets
  • Develop time keeping skills by working with a metronome or click track


  • Intermediate snare drum book which includes reading various time signatures, and implementing flams, ruffs, and open and closed rolls as well as dynamics within the text
  • Continued studies of the Stone technique (setting up positions and eliminating excess motions)
  • Continue to develop time-keeping skills while  working with metronomes and click tracks
  • Study of hand positions for the remaining 40 PAS drum rudiments
  • Hand control exercises – stick control and Masters studies


  • Advanced reading – including various time signatures, interpretation and rhytmic modualation
  • Development of the 3 stroke roll
  • Advanced hand control studies
  • Continued development of time keeping skills while working with metronomes and click tracks

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